Allergology, Clinical Immunology and Internal Diseases Clinic


Head of Department: prof. dr hab. n. med. Zbigniew Bartuzi
The Department Nurse: dr n. o zdr. Ewa Szynkiewicz
Beds: 35
Location: Pawilon C, 1-floor
Phone: +48 52 3655 416

O Klinice

Welcome to the website of the Department and Clinic of Allergology, Clinical Immunology and Internal Diseases.

  The Clinic is the only allergy and immunology centre in Northern Poland, and is located on the 1st floor of Pawilon 7a of the Dr. Jan Biziel University Hospital no. 2 at Ujejskiego 75 Street in Bydgoszcz. It hosts 20 internal medicine beds and 15 allergy-immunology beds. The Clinic is considered to be referential in the field of diagnostics and treatment of patients with food allergy. Additionally, the Clinic operates as a diagnosis and treatment centre for patients with allergy disorders connected to the respiratory system, skin diseases, digestive tract and other organs, as well as both inborn and acquired immunological disorders. The Clinic is one of the most robust centres dealing with specific immunotherapy of patients sensitized to hymenopteran insect venom.

  Research interests of the Clinic's team focus on the most current issues of modern allergology and clinical immunology. The team publishes regularly, both in Polish and international journals, takes part in symposiums, and has been the recipient of many awards. The team comprises of highly qualified specialist doctors of allergology, immunology, internal diseases and gastroenterology, most of them with the academic degree of MD PhD. The team is led by Dr. Zbigniew Bartuzi, who is the current President of the Polish Society of Allergology, and the author of a number of publications and monographs. The nurse staff is a team of experienced, highly qualified nurses with BSc and MSc degrees.

The Clinic comprises of


Kliniki, Oddziały Kliniczne, Oddziały

Kliniki, Oddziały

Szpital Uniwersytecki nr 2 świadczy leczenie, kompleksową i szybką diagnostykę. Leczenie i pielęgnowanie Pacjentów odbywa się w 7 Klinikach, 4 Oddziałach Klinicznych oraz 6 Oddziałach Szpitalnych.


Szpital Uniwersytecki nr 2 świadczy w ramach realizowanych umów możliwość korzystania z wysokospecjalistycznych poradni przyszpitalnych


W ramach proponowanych usług Szpital świadczy diagnostykę obrazową, laboratoryjną, mikrobiologiczna, patomorfologiczną. Realizujemy rehabilitację narządów ruchu, głosu, słuchu oraz rehabilitację pediatryczną.